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Emergency Telephone

In the event of an accident, breakdown or other emergency along E22, you are never more than two kilometer away from help.

Our emergency telephone is located at 2km intervals along both bound of the expressway. All calls goes to our call centre in Ulu Tiram.

In the event of an accident, dispatchers there will immediately connect the caller to the nearest police or emergency services office.

Our service is free of charge. For any queries, contact E22 Traffic Control Centre, 24 hours a day.


Toll Fares

Closed toll systems require expressway users to pay toll charges based on the distance traveled and the class of vehicle used. All toll plazas transactions are full Electronic Toll Collections (ETC) which began in November 2016. Toll fares are paid fully electronically, drivers pay the toll fares via Touch’n Go cards or SmartTAGs. Toll payable based on the distance between the point of entry and exit.


Our Environment

E22 is the only expressway in Malaysia which provides mitigation measure to eliminate potential adverse impacts to the water quality in the event of a spillage of dangerous and hazardous chemicals from heavy transport vehicle travelling on the expressway.

E22 crosses Sg. Layang Reservoir from KM33 to KM37 which is an environmentally sensitive water catchment area and also the main source of water supply for Johor Bahru District.

Pollutant Removal System (PRS) were introduced as the mitigation system which is specifically planned and designed to intercept and remove chemicals or pollutants from the surface run-off and preventing them from reaching the Sg. Layang Reservoir.

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