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The construction of the 1.7km long landmark bridge with 500m main span cable-stayed across Sg. Johor is lead by Design & Build Contractor, Ranhill Engineers & Constructors Sdn Bhd.  The two main pylon structures for this bridge each have a height of 150m.

Travelling time is shorten to a 45minutes journey from Senai (west) to Desaru (east). Previously, the Federal Route FR3 & FR92 was the only gateway to Desaru, with a typical journey of 2hrs. The E22 has 2 Rest & Service Areas located at KM31 on the west bound and KM32 on the east bound. The facilities include food court, surau, toilets, wakaf, playgrounds and petrol station. E22 traverses through the environmentally sensitive water catchment area of Layang Reservoir. E22 is the only expressway in Malaysia which features the Pollutant Removal System (PRS). E22 took one step foward by introducing the PRS to monitor and controll any potential impact to the water quality in Layang Reservoir in the event of a spillage of dangerous and hazardous chemicals from any vehicle travelling on the expressway. Another special landmark for E22 is the 1.7 KM Single Plane Cable Stayed Bridge over Sungai Johor.

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